Radiocarbon Dating

November, 2014

Radiocarbon Dating Fund General Information

San Luis Obispo County Archaeological Society maintains a small fund to support radiocarbon dating for not-for-profit, scholarly research that seeks to improve the understanding of Native American habitation in San Luis Obispo County.  Awards will be given on an as requested basis, so long as funds are available.

To be considered for funding, researchers must meet the criteria described below and submit a completed application form to the SLOCAS Board of Directors. Applications must indicate a timeline for which C14 dating is being requested.

Applicants may be undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in an anthropology, archaeology, or closely related degree program at an accredited institution. Faculty, adjunct lecturers, and affiliated researchers at accredited institutions may also apply. Applications from researchers who lack current institutional affiliations must clearly demonstrate the ability to carry research to timely completion, in addition to meeting the other criteria listed below.

Applicants must:

  • Submit a complete application to the SLOCAS Board of Directors via mail or email;
  • Agree to use any resulting award solely to cover direct costs for radiocarbon determinations, and to provide copies of paid invoices and radiocarbon lab results reports to SLOCAS within one year of the award;
  • Certify that the award would only be used for not-for-profit, scholarly research. Funding requests related to for-profit, cultural resource management investigations will be disqualified.
  • Agree to provide SLOCAS with a copy of any resulting publication(s) produced as a result of the award.

Awards may only be used to date materials recovered from San Luis Obispo County archaeological sites. Preference is given for research using collections that are currently curated by SLOCAS.

Completed applications or questions may be addressed to: Ann Munns at

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