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SLOCAS Registered Researchers have access to restricted content such as SLO County Archaeological Collections Index, SLOCAS Accession Database and our extensive library.

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SLOCAS Registered Researchers can view SLOCAS’s Accession Database  and view collections by appointment.


Registered Researchers can contribute by revitalizing collections and submitting copies of research reports to SLOCAS library.


Curate collections from SLO County at SLOCAS’ Research and Collections Facility


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Radiocarbon Dating Fund General Information

SLOCAS maintains a small fund to support radiocarbon dating for not-for-profit, scholarly research that seeks to improve the understanding of Native American habitation in San Luis Obispo County.

Awards will be given on an as requested basis, so long as funds are available.

To be considered for funding, researchers must meet the criteria described below and submit a completed application form to the SLOCAS Board of Directors. Applications must indicate a timeline for which C14 dating is being requested.

Find out more about the SLOCAS Radiocarbon Dating Fund.

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