When out hiking or exploring our beautiful natural landscape, Central Coast residents and visitors occasionally find items of potential interest.

If you encounter artifacts in your own backyard or elsewhere inĀ our open space, the primary thing to remember is to leave them where you found them.

A photograph of an artifact is a great way to make a memento out of the find.

So much evidence of past human activities (artifacts) has been removed over time and now resides in closets and garages, forever disconnected from its original context and meaning. So let’s leave things where and as we find them.

If you identify artifacts on public land (for example, U.S.Forest Service land, DPR, BLM, and so on), it is always a good idea to let the park ranger know what you found and where you found it.

Note: It is a felony to remove archaeological materials from federal property, per the Archaeological Resources Protections Act (1979).